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Mossel Bay | Garden Route

About Me

Meet Justin McCarthy, the seasoned skipper and proud owner of Salt Life Fishing Charters. With over 30 years of saltwater fishing experience, Justin has been reeling in the big catches since his earliest years. His innate ability to read the ocean's cues has made him a local legend, consistently leading anglers to the most bountiful fishing around Mossel Bay.


Justin's life is deeply anchored in the local community, and his passion for the sea is matched only by his commitment to responsible fishing practices. The Salt Life team operates with the utmost respect for marine regulations, ensuring that every adventure contributes to the long-term health of our oceanic treasures.


When you embark on a journey with Salt Life Fishing Charter, you're not just going on a fishing trip; you're becoming part of a legacy that values ethical angling and the preservation of marine life. We provide all the essentials - bait, tackle, and fuel - so you can focus on the thrill of the catch. Just bring your enthusiasm, some snacks, and a fishing permit, and let Justin guide you on an unforgettable experience on the high seas.

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