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Mossel Bay | Garden Route

About Me

Meet Esther, the passionate leader at the helm of communications for our fishing charter. She is dedicated to sustainable angling and marine conservation. With a rich background in media relations and green initiatives, she now steers our eco-friendly fishing adventures, ensuring each trip respects the ocean's delicate balance.


Boasting over 20 years in communications, Esther has devoted a decade to conservation, navigating through marine eco-tourism and research. She's been the voice for groundbreaking marine projects and has co-authored scientific papers, highlighting the importance of data-driven conservation. 


Esther's commitment to the sea and its inhabitants is unwavering. She aims to safeguard the aquatic marvels she cherished in her youth for future generations, including her daughters. Onboard, she champions responsible fishing practices and aims to reduce single-use plastics, keeping our charter and oceans clean.

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